In financial aspects, riches (in a regularly connected bookkeeping sense) (at times funds) is the total assets of a man, family unit, or country, that is, the estimation of all benefits possessed net of all liabilities owed at a point in time. For national riches as measured in the national records, the net liabilities are those owed to whatever remains of the world. The term may likewise be utilized all the more extensively as alluding to the gainful limit of a general public or as a differentiation to poverty.

Monetary phrasing recognizes riches and wage. Riches or investment funds is a stock variable, that is, quantifiable at a date in time, for instance the estimation of a plantation on December 31 less obligation owed on the plantation. For a given measure of riches, say toward the start of the year, salary from that riches, as quantifiable over say a year is a stream variable. What denote the salary as a stream is its estimation per unit of time, for example, the estimation of apples yielded from the plantation every year.